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How to Pay Any Generated Remita RRR Code Without Internet - Proven Method

Things are evolving very fast and even the banking sector is not left out, despite the
increase in mobile making activity, a few people still choose to live in the dark where
they queue just to collect money, transfer funds or check their bank's account balance
either on ATM or in the bank. We are in a time where mobile banking has made Banking a lot easier, why then will you want to slow things down when you can do things in a flash.
There isn't need to spend hours to queue for some banking transactions that can be carried
out directly on your mobile device without leaving your comfort zone, today, I'll have to show you how to Pay any generate remita rrr code using Phone number that is link to your fidelity bank account.

Here is How to Pay Any Generated Remita RRR Code without Internet.

With the help of the fidelity USSD Code (*770#).
Simply dial 770# on the phone linked to your accounts, then use your unique Remita
Retrieval Reference (RRR) generated from the Remita platform, to make payments using the USSD code *770*RRR# to conclude the transactions.

Friday, January 12, 2018

How to Generate RRR Number for JAMB Remita 2018 - The Right Way

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says that eligible candidates for its 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) can now purchase the pin for registration using the Remita mode.
The board said on Sunday the development came on the heels of the reported challenges the candidates faced in an attempt to acquire the pins from NIPOST and the designated banks.

How to Generate RRR Number for JAMB Remita

How to Generate RRR Number for JAMB Remita Step 1.
Create your profile by sending your Surname, First Name and Middle Name (where applicable) by SMS to JAMB short code, 55019
Jamb Remita Unaccepted SMS format:-
Jamb Remita Acceptable SMS format:-
Umukoro Gift Eseoghene
Type and send to this number or code = 55019
SMS Cost N50
After 5min, You will receive a 10-character confirmation code on the same telephone number which will be used to procure your ePIN

How to Generate RRR Number for JAMB Remita Steps 2.

Visit JAMB Remita Link,
- on the field that indicate NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE = Select Sales of JAMB/UTME Registration Forms
- on the field that say PHONE NUMBER USED ON JAMB EFACILITY PROFILE = Type in the Phone number that received the confirmation code
If the phone number is type correctly, the candidate name will load up, cross check and make sure it is correct before you proceed to make payment.
If the phone number is not type correctly or the phone number has not be used to create Jamb profile, the following message will display = The GSM No supplied does not exist. Candidate must initiate purchase from their cell phone
- On the field that indicate PROFILE/CONFIRMATION CODE = Type in the 10 digits code that was sent to the phone number.
- On the field that indicate HOW DO YOU WANT TO PAY? = Select your preferred payment option.
Blow are the payment option:-
Internet Banking
Bank Branch
Master Card
If you want to make payment at the bank, select Bank Branch.
If you want to make payment using your master debit card, select Master card.

How to Generate RRR Number for JAMB Remita Steps 3.

Check on the button I am not a robot
Click on submit, copy your jamb rrr remita number, take to the bank for payment.
After payment, your PIN is delivered to your phone number and also displayed on your Remita receipt.

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INEC Voters Card | INEC Polling Units -6 Easy Steps to Check Your Status

How to Check INEC Voters Card Status

To view INEC Voters Card Status, follow the step below
1. visit the INEC voters card Status link =
2. Select Your State of Residence.
3. Type in the Name you provided as surname during register.
4. If available type in your Voters Identification Number (VIN) or
If you Can’t remember your VIN or use,
5. Enter the date of Birth ur supplied during inec voters card Registration
6. Click on Search and wait for your result

inec voters cards status check online

How to Check INEC Polling Units

At a polling unit, a citizen can either register to vote or vote. It is advisable to select a Polling Unit close to your area of residence due to the restricted movement on election days.
To view inec polling units, follow the steps below
1. visit the inec polling units link =
2. Select the State (where you registered or where you intend doing your registration)
3. Select the Local Government Area (LGA)
4. Select Ward
5. Select Polling unit
6. Click on View Detail to display your Polling Unit details

inec polling units status check online

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nigerian Army Corps - Their Functions or Duties

Armoured Corps
Corps of Artillery
Engineers Corps
Army Signals
Intelligence Corps
Corps of Supply and Transport
Nigerian Army Medical Corps
Nigerian Army Ordinance Corps
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Corps of Military Police
Education Corps
Finance Corps
Army Physical Training
Band Corps
Chaplain Service Services Roman Catholic
Chaplain Service Protestant
Islamic Affairs
Army Public Relations
Legal Service


infantry The Infantry Corps Centre (ICC) came into being in April 1958 when some Nigerians and British instructors were moved from the West African Command Training School Teshie, Gold Coast now Ghana to Queens Own Nigeria Regiment Dalet Barracks Kawo, Kaduna to start the Nigerian Military Forces Training College (NMFTC). The Infantry is one of the teeth arms of the NA and the queen of battle. It is the surest guarantor of peace which Nigeria needs in addition to carrying out its normal role as the combat arm capable of capturing and holding the ground. The Corps is headed by the Commander ICC.

Nigerian Army Corps - Armoured Corps

infantry Nigerian Army Armoured Corps (NAAC) came into being on 21 April 1958 from the only existing artillery battery then in the NACA. The artillery battery was changed to a Reconnaissance (Recce) Squadron. NAAC is one of the teeth arms of the NA. NAAC provides close combat support to the infantry. It has various types of units equipped with different categories of vehicles and armaments for the performance of their peculiar roles. These units include Recce Battalions, Tank Battalions, Light Tank Battalions and the Demonstration Battalion. The NAAC is headed by the Commander Armour Corps (CAC).

Corps of Artillery

infantry History of Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery (NACA) dates back to the early days of colonial rule. It was used effectively to wage war of expedition between 1898 and 1920. The present Corps of Artillery came into being in April 1956. NACA, one of the teeth arms, provides fire support to manoeuvre units of the NA and protection against hostile artillery fire. It also provides Air defence cover for strategic installations of the country as well as sensitive areas of operations. NACA is headed by the Commander Corps of Artillery (CCA).

Nigerian Army Corps - Engineers Corps

infantry The nucleus of today's Nigerian Army Engineers Corps (NAE) was formed in 1947 as the 36 Field cadre of Nigerian Engineers, which was part of the Royal West African Engineers in Bukuru, Jos. NAE provides both civil and military engineering needs of the NA for warfare and peace support operations. The Corps is headed by the Corps Commander Engineers (CCE).

Nigerian Army Corps - Army Signals

infantryThe inception of the Nigerian Army Signals (NAS) can be traced to as early as 1865 when Lagos Constabulary was formed with a section of runners responsible for carrying messages from one place to the other. Later, around 1898, telegraph unit was formed. NAS is responsible for the provision of communication support for effective command and control, provision of electronic warfare (EW) support, liaison with civil communication authority for provision of communication and management of NA Frequency Spectrum. NAS is headed by the Commander Corps of Signals (CCS).

Nigerian Army Corps - Intelligence Corps

infantry Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps (NAIC) evolved from the Field Security Section (FSS) of the Royal Nigerian Army which was established on 1st November, 1962. The role of NAIC is the provision of intelligence support for all NA operations. NAIC is also involved in acquisition of strategic intelligence and the build-up of an information data based on foreign countries whose action may impact on Nigeria's national interest or international obligation in support of world peace as provided for in the UN charter. NAIC is headed by the Director of Military Intelligence (DMI).

Nigerian Army Corps - Corps of Supply and Transport

infantry The history of the Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport (NACST) dates back to the days of the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF) when West African Army Service Corps (WAASC) was established. The roles of NACST include the provision and operation of mechanical transport in service of all formations of the NA and the acquisition of supplies and sustenance on which unit operations rely on. Its provision of transport includes those of land, water and air while its schedule of responsibilities includes the provision of second and third line of various support available in the NA, providing and distributing combat supplies such as ammunition, Petrol, Oil and Lubricant (POL) industrial gas, rations to and within all the formations. The Corps is also responsible for fire prevention and protection, catering services, movement of controlled facilities and the training of personnel for mechanical transport, POL, catering, fire fighting, maritime, railway and air services. NACST is headed by the Commander Corps of Supply and Transport (CC ST).

Nigerian Army Corps - Nigerian Army Medical Corps

infantryNigerian Army Medical Corps (NAMC) evolved out of the detachment of the British Army Medical Service that operated with the 82 (West African) Division during the Second World War. NAMC thus offers primary, secondary and tertiary health services such as clinical consultation, management of patients, teaching and medical research. Consultancy services are offered to civilian and other interested institutions in the country. There also exists a hi-tech Audiological Centre, the first of its kind in West Africa provided by the corps. NAMC is headed by the Commander, NAMC.

Nigerian Army Corps - Nigerian Army Ordinance Corps

infantry Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps (NAOC) is one of the major logistics corps of the Nigerian Army. The Corps' primary role is the production, storage, maintenance and issue of military stores. Its secondary role includes inspection, repairs and the disposal of ammunition, clothing, technical and general stores. The corps has a training school, i.e. the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps Training Centre (NAOCTC) which supplies the Corps with the needed manpower and suitable skills to perform its assigned roles. NAOC is headed by the Corps Commander of Ordnance (CC Ord).

Nigerian Army Corps - Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

infantryNigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (NAEME) is responsible for the maintenance of electrical, mechanical, electronic, optical and electro-medical equipment of the NA. The Corps also provides technical advice to commanders at all levels. In order to fulfill its roles, NAEME carries out pre-procurement tests and trials to determine the suitability of equipment to be introduced into the NA. It also conducts pre-delivery inspection of equipment to certify their conformity with laid down standards and adherence to technical aspects of contractual agreement. NAEME also carries out repairs of unserviceable equipment and scaling for scientific forecast and mechanical engineering regulations as well as research and development to keep abreast with technological developments relevant to the military. NAEME is headed by the Commander Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (CCEME).

Nigerian Army Corps - Corps of Military Police

infantry The history Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police (NACMP) dates back to the days of West African Frontier Force (WAFF). The Corps at inception was a small force commanded by British officers. The disposition of WAFF covered Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-Leone and the Gambia. The Force in Nigeria had No 1 and 3 Sections in Lagos and No 2 and 4 Sections were based in Kaduna. In peace time, NACMP undertakes the tasks of crime prevention, crime detection, apprehension of offenders, assistance to service personnel and maintenance of discipline. Others are routine police duties like foot patrols, traffic control, route signing, ceremonial duties including VIP escort and protection, criminal investigation, as well as co-operation with civil police in all aspects of police duties. In war time, NACMP carries out all the tasks enumerated during peace in addition to stragglers centre control, refugee control, establishment of prisoners of war camp, rear area protection, security of main supply route and support of NA Engineers. NACMP is headed by the Provost Marshal Army (PM 'A')

Nigerian Army Corps - Education Corps

infantryNigerian Army Education Corps (NAEC) is one of the oldest services in the Nigerian Army as its history dates back to the days of the RWAFF which had an Education Arm/Corps headed by a Chief Education Officer based in Teshie, Gold Coast (now Ghana). NAEC endeavors to plan and execute the NA programme of education in liberal, scientific and doctrinal studies, manage service educational establishment and training support facilities, as required for the professional excellence of the NA. NAEC is headed by the Commander Corps of Education (CCE).

Nigerian Army Corps - Finance Corps

infantry Nigerian Army Finance Corps (NAFC) was born out of the Royal Pay Corps of the colonial military establishment. At independence, the Royal Pay Corps was renamed Pay and Record Office. By 1960, the Pay Office became separate from Records Officer and the name was changed to the Nigerian Army Pay Corps (NAPC). As a result of the various reorganizations in the NA and the Corps itself, the name was changed to Nigerian Army Finance Corps (NAFC) in 1983. Its responsibility is effective management of the financial resources of the NA. It is headed by the Commander Corps of Army Finance and Accounts (CCAFA).

Nigerian Army Corps - Army Physical Training

The history of the Directorate of Army Physical Training (DAPT) dates back to the end of the First World War of 1914-1918 when the importance of physical fitness to troops was first appreciated. The DAPT is charged with the responsibility of keeping the NA personnel physically and mentally fit. It is also these aspects of fitness that will guarantee the individual's emotional stability and these 3 states of the body therefore combine to give the individual soldier all round fitness to carry out his role. This therefore, is in tandem with DAPT motto: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, (A sound mind in healthy body). DAPT is headed by the Director Physical Training (DPT)

Nigerian Army Corps - Band Corps

The Nigerian Army Band Corps (NABC) began as a Regimental Band in 1932 with a Bandmaster sent from the Royal Life Guards Band in England to man the Band. In 1935, the Band was converted to full-fledged Military Band. The music provided by NABC covers highlife, traditional and military music for the needs of the NA and barracks communities as well as other interested civil populace. NABC is headed by the Director of Music (DOM)

Nigerian Army Corps - Chaplain Service Services Roman Catholic

The Roman Catholic (RC) Chaplaincy of the NA is one of the oldest spiritual institutions established at the inception of West African Frontier Force. The earlier priests were Reverend Fathers (Military) seconded from Britain to Nigeria to administer the administrative and spiritual concerns of RC officers and soldiers. Later, Reverend Fathers of Nigerian origin took over from their British counterparts in the early 1960s. Today, there are 32 Chaplain (RC) Officers providing spiritual services to officers and soldiers of the RC denomination. Chaplain RC is headed by the Director of Chaplain Services (RC).

Nigerian Army Corps - Chaplain Service Protestant

The Protestant (Prot) Chaplaincy like the RC is also an old spiritual Army institution. It developed from its cradled of a 'one-man' office of British Chaplain Officer seconded from Britain in the early 1950s. Today, there are Prot Chaplain Officers in various formations and units to conduct various religious services to officers, soldiers and their families. It is headed by the Director Chaplain Services (Protestant).

Nigerian Army Corps - Islamic Affairs

The Directorate of Islamic Affairs (DOIA) is perhaps the oldest religious component of the Nigerian Army. It is tasked with providing the spiritual needs of the Moslem officers and soldiers in the NA and is headed by the Director of Islamic Affairs.

Nigerian Army Corps - Army Public Relations

infantry The Directorate of Army Public Relations (DAPR) was established in 1962 to keep the Nigerian contingent in the United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Congo abreast with happenings back home. It was also to inform Nigerians at home on the performance of the Nigerian contingent in the operation area. DAPR has developed and expanded in terms of manpower, roles and responsibilities. It is charged with the short and long term building and management of good corporate image for the NA and sustenance of cordial relationship between the NA and the public. DAPR has the role of advising commanders on the proactive ways of shaping policies and operations to gain public acceptance and support. As the mouthpiece of the NA, DAPR interprets and explains NA roles, policies, activities and accomplishments to the public. During war, conflicts, exercises or operations DAPR conducts information management to keep the public abreast and also undertake activities to motivate troops for attainment of overall NA's mission. Avenues used by DAPR to achieve its tasks include publications, production of documentaries, media relations, radio and television broadcasts. DAPR is headed by the Director of Army Public Relations.

Nigerian Army Corps - Legal Service

The main function of the Directorate of Legal Services (Army) (DLS 'A') is the provision of legal services to the Nigerian Army. Other functions include providing legal advice, review of reports of Boards of Inquiry and Regimental Inquiries, review of petitions and letters of redress, supervision of Court-Martial trials, review of Records of Proceedings of Court-Martial trials, preparation of memoranda on disciplinary cases to the Army Council, preparation and vetting of contract documents, commercial agreements and Memoranda of Understanding. DLS conducts Military Law training packages at various training schools. The Directorate also monitors and holds brief on cases involving the NA in Civil Courts and conducts liaison between the NA and stakeholders in civil justice administration sectors. Additionally, DLS provides Company Secretaries and Legal Officers to NA Commercial outfits. DLS is headed by the Chief Legal Adviser Army (CLA 'A')
source =

How to Reprint Remita Receipt After Payment - The Quickest Way

How to Reprint Any Remita Receipt or Invoice After Payment

Ideally, REMITA automatically sends a payment receipt to the email address on your invoice slip, but incase you misplace the first generated remita receipt after payment or you could not find the receipt in your email box

Here is the steps on how to get or reprint it back

To Reprint Remita Receipt for any paid invoice, do the following

1. visit
2. Click on Resend Receipt/Invoice: A new windows opens
3. Enter your remita retrieval reference RRR in the box provided and press Submit: Your receipt would be send to the email you registered with.
If Successful, you get the below message
Your Receipt has been forwarded to Your Registered Email.
If not Successful, you will get the below message
This Reference does not exist. Please check and try again.
Log/sign into your email account to see the remita receipt in pdf format, download and print for future used.

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Remita Mobile App download - How to install it for Android | Tablet Device

Remita Mobile App Download - How to Install and Use it.

Get all the powerful functionalities of Remita on your mobile android device, with the remita mobile app install on your android device, you can carry out all the following function

  • View Your Bank Balances across different banks
  • Be in charge of your Expenses
  • Transfer Money and Pay bills with ease
  • Always Carry Your Receipts with you
  • Request Money in style
  • Manage Your Standing Order in a Breeze

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Remita Payment Receipt

How to Download Remita Mobile App

visit google play store using your mobile android device
Search for the keyword Remita Systemspecs
Download and install the Remita Mobile App and Get all the powerful functionalities of Remita on your device.\

remita mobile app

Remita opens a whole new world of easy payments and collections that enables you have a global overview of ALL the different bank accounts you register on the app. You do not need any other financial mobile app in carrying out all your transactions on the go!

Send Money and Pay Bills with Ease
Easily send money from any of your bank accounts, including microfinance banks, to anyone – business partners, family and friends.
You can also effortlessly pay Federal and State Government Agencies and settle other utility bills from the convenience of your mobile phone without visiting a bank.

remita mobile app

remita mobile app

Manage Standing Orders in a breeze
You can easily set up instructions to start or stop recurring payments to friends, family and/or billers and let Remita Mobile take care of the rest! No bank visits needed.

Request Money in Style
Request payments from customers for services rendered, and ask for money from family and friends for various purposes like wedding or 'aso-ebi' contributions, etc. Easily generate and share e-invoices with your customers and friends through emails or social media. No more paper invoices!

remita download

Snap/Tap to Pay
Whether you’re responding to payment requests from restaurants, shopping outlets, schools, family, friends or other billers, you can quickly snap a QR code or tap your device against theirs to complete the transaction.

View your Bank Balances across Different Banks
You can view individual account balances and see your global total across all banks on one screen. This enables you to centrally manage all your accounts and monitor how you send and receive money, all on one platform. Now, you no longer need multiple apps to manage your bank accounts.
remita download

Be in Charge of your Expenses
All your expenses are displayed in easy-to-understand charts, flexible by period or category, enabling you make more financially intelligent decisions.
remita download

Always Carry your Receipts with You
Provide evidence of payment on-the-go! Now, you can easily access your e-receipts for all the payments you’ve made with Remita.

remita download
Top up Airtime/Data
Top up your phone on the go with airtime and data from several network providers. You can also make top-ups to multiple beneficiaries at once.

And if you’re also a corporate user…
You can now authorise payments in an organization, SME, school or religious body that have been sent to you from the office on the go.

Please note that for now, you can only register Nigerian bank accounts.

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Remita Customer Care | Helpline - 4 Ways to Contact Them

You can contact remita customer care support team in the following four ways:

Remita helpline Team Is Available For Support by Email and Phone

Remita Email Support:

For support questions please contact them via email.
They respond to email requests on the same day, usually within the hour.

Remita Helpline.

Phone Support:
Main Office: (234) 8035555051-2
Support: 0700-4736482, 01 280 5180-8, 0700-7877678

Remita Office Address.

Office and Corporate Mailing Address :
4th-8th Floor, 136 Lewis Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

Remita Customer Care Support Portal.

Using The Customer Portal:-
You can send your issues directly to our support team by clicking the 'Submit Ticket' menu or  here.

Follow up your tickets and check their different statuses in 'My Area'

The Quick search bar and our Knowledge Base are your best bets to quickly navigate all our helpful articles and guides on using our products.

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Remita School Fees - How to use Remita to Pay any School Fees


1. visit the website
2. Click on the link Pay a Biller
3. Who Do You Want to Pay: Type in the remita account details of the school.
4. Name of Service/Purpose: Select the service/purpose of payment
5. Description: Enter more detail about the purpose of payment ( example, if you are paying for school fees, you can type in (i) school fees for ss2 (ii) school fees for 1st semester e.t.c)

6. Amount to Pay: Input the Amount
7. Payers Name: Type in the Student Name
8. Payers Phone: Type in the student Phone number
9. Payers Email: Type in a valid email address
10. How do you want to Pay: select your preference payment
-Internet Banking

If your school demand for a bank teller, select the option Bankbranch
11. Select Im not a robot
12. A capcha code will be shown: Type exactly what is shown and click on: Proceed to Payment.
13. Click on Submit
14. Copy your Remita Retrieval Reference Number and Click on Print Invoice

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Remita School Fees Payment Methods

1. Remita School Fees - Pay with Internet Banking
With internet banking, you can transfer money directly from your account to the beneficiary via Remita powered transfer. Most Nigerian Banks now have their banking apps that allows users to make transfer just on the go. Please note that they may be a fee attached to this transfer.
On that “Pay with Internet banking”column, you will see the icons of banks that supports internet banking on Remita platform.
Click on any one of your choice and proceed to payment.

2. Remita School Fees - Pay at a Bank Branch

If you want to pay the money at any bank branch, simply print the transaction receipt or copy the RRR code to your bank and pay the required amount.

3. Remita School Fees -Pay Now with Mastercard or Visa

You can also pay using your ATM card. Simply click of the card of your choice e.g. Nigerian cards: MasterCard, Visa, Verve or International Card: MasterCard, Visa.
You can also pay via e-Wallet services such as PocketMONI.
You are done. After successful payment, you will be able to download the payment receipt for subsequent accreditation with your establishment of partner.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

NABTEB Reprint Photocard - How to Reprint NABTEB Photocard

Welcome!, In this tutorial, I will show you how will be able to reprint nabteb photocard, if by one means or the other your where unable to get the first print out  or  misplace the first print out.

nabteb reprint of photocard

Nabteb Reprint Photocard Login Requirement

Candidate's Exam Number or
Card Serial Number

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How to Register for Nabteb Advanced and O-Level
What is NABTEB All About?

How to Reprint Nabteb Photocard for Olevel or Advanced Level

Step 1. Visit the website.
Step 2. Type in the candidate number or the card serial number.
Step 3. Click on Submit.
Step 4. Lastly click on print.

Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 NABTEB Advanced Level Time Table for Examination



Monday 04/12/17
9:00am-12:00noon 3hrs
A02 Theory

Wednesday 29/11/17
9.00a.m-12:30p.m 3hrs 30mins
426 Short Structured & Essay

Monday 27/11/17
2.00p.m - 5.00p.m 3hrs
A00 Short Structured and Essay

Tuesday 05/12/17
9:00am-12:00noon 3hrs
A01 Essay Writing, Comprehension & Summary

Monday 27/11/17
9.00a.m-12:30p.m 3hrs 30mins
428 Short Structured & Essay

Wednesday 06/12/17
9.00a.m-12noon 3hrs
A03 Short Structured & Essay

Thursday 07/12/17
9:00a.m-12:30p.m 3hrs 30mins
427 Short Structured & Essay

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Confirm Payment on Remita if Successful or Failed

How to Confirm payment on Remita if successful or failed

Here is the step to follow for the confirmation of Payment on Remita 

a. Visit remita website
b. Click on the link Pay an Invoice
b. Type in your remita retrieval reference (rrr) code. This code is made up of 12 digits.
c. Click on continue

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How to Pay any Remita Generated rrr Code online
Remita Account Number of all Fed Govt Agency


How to confirm payment on Remita if successful or not - 

Below are the three set of messages you will get:

If Payment on Remita is Successful it will indicate this message below
This Reference payment has been processed

If Payment on Remita is not successful or payment has not be initialized:
Remita payment page will load up for you to continue or complete the payment process.

If you see this message below, it mean the generate rrr code was not type correctly:
This reference does not exist, please check and try again