Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Check Your PTI Result & Print out Admission Letter 2016 [Screenshot]

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How to Check Your PTI Result/Admission Status Free
1. Visit the school portal link
1a. Type in your username and password in the space provided for it and click on login


1b. To check Result, click on Check Entrance Results


1c. To check Admission Status, click on check Admission Status

Remember to click on logout when you are done.

How to Generate Remita Reference Code to enable one print out PTI Admission Letter
For you to be able to print out your pti admission letter, you must have been admitted/given admission. Read the steps above on how to check your admission status

How to Generate the RRR Code
1. Visit the school portal link
2. Type in your username and password in the space provided for it and click on login,
3. On the page that appear, click on Print Admission Letter.


A message will show up stating“Kindly Generate Your Admission Letter Fee Remita Reference in the next page and go make Payment at the Bank!”
This happens when you are a first timer and have not generated or make payment for the rrr code 


4. Click on ok to continue.
5. on the next page click on the button [click->> Generate Remita Payment Reference].
Make a print out of it i.e hard copy and take it to the bank for payment

How to Print out the Admission Letter
6. After payment, return to the portal by logging in, click on print Admission Letter.
You must have Adobe PDF installed, to be able to download and view the admission letter
If after making payment at the bank and the system still refer  you to the RRR code page, then visit the school ICT centre


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