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The Governing Council of AMBROSE ALU UNIVERSITY (AAU) Ekpoma pursuant to the enabling law. Ambrose Alli University Law 1999 (as Amended), hereby announces that there will be vacancy in the Post of Vice-Chancellor with effect from 2nd of May, 2016-
Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for the post of Vice-

Objectives of  the University

The objective of the University as stated in section 5(1) and (2) a, b and c is to be a centre of excellence for teaching, research and examining body; to advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding by teaching and research with the ultimate purpose of service to the community; to make provisions for research and for the presentation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge; and to encourage and promote scholarship and to relate its activities to the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of the State in particular, and Nigeria in general.

Functions of Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive and Academic Officer of the University and ex-officio Chairman of the Senate and Congregation and member of the University Governing Council. He/she advises the Governing Council on all matters of policy, finance and administration of the University. He/she is generally responsible to the Council for the maintenance of peace, law and order on campus and for the discipline of students.

The Candidate:

The candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor is expected to be a Professor of not less than 10 years standing with high repute and renown; and a scholar whose achievements are acclaimed locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, a candidate applying for the post shall be expected to:

Possess requisite, cognate administrative, academic and managerial experience necessary to provide effective, efficient and dynamic leadership for the University.
(Possession of a Ph.D or equivalent qualification, though not mandatory, will be an advantage).
Have the disposition, acumen and zeal for mobilizing all stakeholders in and outside the institution towards achieving the objective, vision and mission for which the University was created.

Be a morally upright person of high probity and integrity, and of impeccable character and reputation.
Be a person with courage and strong character, who can take decisions on the merit of facts and principles and not on the basis of sentiments or pressure from individuals or groups.

Be a person whose records of past and current activities can command respect from students and staff. He must have the capacity to create the needed bridges between staff and students, on the one hand, and between town and gown on the other. Have a good grasp of Information Communication Technology and appreciate its application in contemporary knowledge industry.
Thecandidatemustnotbemorethan65yearsofage at the time of assumption of duty

Salary and Conditions of Service

The salary and conditions of service are as applicable to the post of Vice-Chancellor in Nigerian Universities and as may be determined by Edo State Government from time to time.

Method of Application:

Candidates should submit 30 copies of their applications along with 30 copies of Curriculum Vitae (CV) duly signed and dated The Curriculum Vitae should contain the candidate's full name, postal address, email, phone numbers, date of birth, age, sex, marital status, number of children (if any), schools attended, academic qualifications with dates, photocopies of certificates and diplomas, details of teaching, research,
administrative and managerial experience, state, national, scholastic, organization or community awards, academic and civic recognition and other relevant information.
Applicants should also furnish names and addresses of three (3) referees who should be able to attest to their moral character, probity and academic, administrative and managerial abilities.

Applicants should request their referees to send their letter of reference on them direct to THE REGISTRAR AND SECRETARY TO COUNCIL.
All applications are to be submitted under CONFIDENTIAL cover with the envelope marked at the top left hand corner "POST OF VICE-CHANCELLOR: AAU" to reach, The Registrar and Secretary to Council.

Ambrose Alli University,
P.M.B. 14.
Edo State.
Not later than Six (6) weeks from the date of this publication.

Ag. Registrar

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