Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - How to Generate | Make Payment

Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - How to Generate RRR Remita Code and Make Payment

Step to pay any Remita RRR Number - Electronic Generated Invoice online

1. visit the website www.remita.net

remita retrieval reference (rrr)

2. Click on Pay an Electronic invoice and type in your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and click on continue.
generate remita payment reference (rrr) code

Remita Payment Page

remita code for

3 - To make payment using pay now with card or wallet
To make payment using debit card, use the option Pay now with card or wallet and select Nigeria local cards.
- Click on the card logo
- Click on proceed to continue
- Enter your correct card detail to make payment.

Next how to retrieve/obtain your paid generated remita invoice rrr number payment receipt slip 

how to obtain your remita electronic payment receipt for paid generated invoice slip

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Remita opens a whole new world of easy payments and collections that enables you have a global overview of ALL the different bank accounts you register on the app. You do not need any other financial mobile app in carrying out all your transactions on the go!

Send Money and Pay Bills with Ease
Easily send money from any of your bank accounts, including microfinance banks, to anyone – business partners, family and friends.
You can also effortlessly pay Federal and State Government Agencies and settle other utility bills from the convenience of your mobile phone without visiting a bank.

Manage Standing Orders in a breeze
You can easily set up instructions to start or stop recurring payments to friends, family and/or billers and let Remita Mobile take care of the rest! No bank visits needed.

Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - Request Money in Style

Request payments from customers for services rendered, and ask for money from family and friends for various purposes like wedding or 'aso-ebi' contributions, etc. Easily generate and share e-invoices with your customers and friends through emails or social media. No more paper invoices!

Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - Snap/Tap to Pay

Whether you’re responding to payment requests from restaurants, shopping outlets, schools, family, friends or other billers, you can quickly snap a QR code or tap your device against theirs to complete the transaction.

Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - View your Bank Balances across Different Banks

You can view individual account balances and see your global total across all banks on one screen. This enables you to centrally manage all your accounts and monitor how you send and receive money, all on one platform. Now, you no longer need multiple apps to manage your bank accounts.

Be in Charge of your Expenses
All your expenses are displayed in easy-to-understand charts, flexible by period or category, enabling you make more financially intelligent decisions.

Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - Always Carry your Receipts with You

Provide evidence of payment on-the-go! Now, you can easily access your e-receipts for all the payments you’ve made with Remita.

Top up Airtime/Data
Top up your phone on the go with airtime and data from several network providers. You can also make top-ups to multiple beneficiaries at once.

And if you’re also a corporate user…
You can now authorise payments in an organization, SME, school or religious body that have been sent to you from the office on the go.

Please note that for now, you can only register Nigerian bank accounts.

Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - How to Generate | Make Payment DR. CHARLES OBALEAGBON 5 of 5
Remita Retrieval Reference (rrr) code - How to Generate RRR Remita Code and Make Payment Step to pay any Remita RRR Number - Electron...

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