Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Confirm Payment on Remita if Successful or Failed

How to Confirm payment on Remita if successful or failed

Here is the step to follow for the confirmation of Payment on Remita 

a. Visit remita website
b. Click on the link Pay an Invoice
b. Type in your remita retrieval reference (rrr) code. This code is made up of 12 digits.
c. Click on continue

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How to confirm payment on Remita if successful or not - 

Below are the three set of messages you will get:

If Payment on Remita is Successful it will indicate this message below
This Reference payment has been processed

If Payment on Remita is not successful or payment has not be initialized:
Remita payment page will load up for you to continue or complete the payment process.

If you see this message below, it mean the generate rrr code was not type correctly:
This reference does not exist, please check and try again

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