Noun Remita rrr code - How to Generate; Pay online or Through Bank.

How to generate National Open University, (Noun) remita rrr code; pay online or through bank and track payment status.

1. Visit the school website www.nouonline.com and click on the link Apply for Admission, then select and click on the programme you want to apply for.
List of programme are: undergraduate, Postgraduate and Others.


Noun Remita Payment - Faculty Selection

2. On the next page that shows up, click on the link Choose Faculty, select and click on the Faculty you are applying for

Noun Remita Payment - Course Selection

3. On the next page that displays, from the select Programme menu, select the course you are applying for, and the level you are starting with.

Note for Undergraduate:
If you are using just Olevel to apply select Level 100
If you are using Ond, hnd, or Bsc to apply select Level 200

Next, click on the button "View Subjects Required" to activate the apply button, click on the button apply

4. A message will show up indicating the programme your are applying for, it faculty and the application fee,
Click on the link Proceed to continue.

5. Noun Remita - Payment for Application form.

In the field applicant, type in the applicant full name
Email: enter your valid email address
Phone number: optional
Amount: this field state the amount/fee an applicant is to pay
Payment type:  select your preferred payment type; they have Master, verve, e.t.c, when done, click on the button Pay to proceed to make payment
If you select MasterCard as your payment type the following page will show up


Enter your correct card details to complete payment

Take note of the remita number generated, by copying it out, if something got wrong, is what you will used to validate/track if the payment was successful or not.

6. When you have successfully made payment, visit this link https://www.nouonline.com/index.php, click on apply for admission, then select the programme you applied for earlier.

7. Click on continue after payment.

8. Type in the applicant name you used in making the initial payment, enter the rrr number generated during payment, select the programme your applied for from the list of programme in the drop down menu and click on proceed to fill the application form online.

9. Next click on the link Fill the form... to load the online application form.

10. Fill in all your correct details, when done, click on preview form to see if there is any mistake,  if no mistake, click on close form, finally click on submit to make final submission.

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How to Track if your NOUN Noun Remita rrr code Payment is successful or not

1. Visit the url https://www.nouonline.com/pay_check.php
2. Enter your remita rrr number
3. Select your payment category, when done,
4. Click on the Check button

If payment is Successful - it will indicate Transaction Successful
If payment fail - it will indicate fail

Noun Remita rrr code - How to Generate; Pay online or Through Bank. DR. CHARLES OBALEAGBON 5 of 5
How to generate National Open University, (Noun) remita rrr code; pay online or through bank and track payment status. 1. Visi...

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